The Best Data Recovery Software: (5 Options + FAQs)

Have you ever accidentally removed something important such as photos, videos, documents, contacts, emails, etc. from your computer or other storage like a USB flash drive or digital camera? Or your smartphone just got damaged, leaving all the precious data inaccessible?

That’s definitely disappointing even devastating. We’ve personally experienced and witnessed friends suffering some of the situations.

However, your data may be still recoverable, thanks to data recovery software with sophisticated technology that can help bring your files back from the dead. Below is a list of solid programs we recommended.

Please note: all the software listed below need to be installed and run on a computer (Windows or macOS). If your deleted or lost files were stored on a mobile device such as flash drive, external HDD, etc. Make sure you connect the device to your computer first before using the data recovery software listed below.

1. Best Photo Recovery Software

‚ÄčTo recover your deleted or lost pictures/videos/audio files from a digital camera or a memory card, we recommend Stellar Photo Recovery.

2. Best Data Recovery Software for Windows

To recover deleted files from a PC hard drive, or from a removable flash drive/memory card that is connected to a Windows computer, we recommend R-Studio for Windows.

3. Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

To recover lost data on a Mac drive, or from an external drive connected to a Macintosh computer (iMac, MacBook Pro, etc.), we recommend EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

4. Best Data Recovery Software for iPhone

To recover data from an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch such as messages, photos, videos, contacts, notes, etc., we recommend Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

5. Best Data Recovery Software for Android

To recover deleted or lost pictures, videos, messages, etc. from an Android phone or tablet such as Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, we recommend MobiSaver for Android.

Data Recovery FAQs

Why is it possible to recover files even if they got deleted?

This is due to how file systems work in your storage device. When you delete something, the data contained in the files are not immediately removed. Instead, they are marked as free space to be occupied by newly saved data. Before your old data are written over, theoretically it’s quite possible to get them recovered.

Do I need a computer to recover data off an iPhone?

Yes, you have to. So far, there is no such app that can be installed on your phone for data recovery purposes.

Are the software listed above free?

No, some of them provide trials or demos that allow you to test drive the software for free. However, they have functional limitations such as you can use them to scan and preview the found files. In order to recover them, you’ll have to get a license code to activate the software.

Is it possible to recover data from a solid-state drive?

Unfortunately no. The mechanism SSDs use to manage data is different from that of traditional HHDs. Once you delete files off an SSD, chances to recover them are slim if not none.

Why can’t I retrieve some files?

The reasons vary. Most of the case, it’s because they’ve got overwritten due to additional data writing activities generated after you deleted them.

What if the above data recovery software doesn’t work?

Take your computer or device to a data recovery center and get a quote for recovery services. Warning: this option is usually quite expensive and is sure you do your own due diligence before you send out your device. Also, do this only if your lost data is super important.

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